Is it possible to change an order after it has been placed?

It depends on the state of the order if changes are still possible. 

In case the order is part of a pending batch that has not been sent to the lab yet, you can click the  Review Order button on the order page. View_order_GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution__7_.pngBy clicking it, you will send the order back to your Manual Revision tab, where you can adjust the cropping or change the images before you release the order again to production, in this case, the open batch.  

If the customer has selected the wrong product, please also reach out to us. In this case, the order needs to be cancelled and either the client places a new order or you can place a new order in the Order Entry for them.  

If an order includes downloads, we are also able to deactivate the download link if the customer has not proceeded the download yet.  

In case the direct or batch order has already been transferred to lab, changes are in most of the cases no longer possible, please contact us via phone, so we can check the specific case. 

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