Can I set a minimum order amount?

You can set a minimum order requirement for your customers in your Price Profile Settings. Your customers will see a warning on the checkout page if the order value is below the minimum order requirement you have set in your price profile. 


To enable the minimum order requirement:

    1. Contact GotPhoto to enable the feature
    2. Go to Settings > Price Profiles > Click on the relevant Price Profile
    3. Click on “Settings” at the top right
    4. Scroll to basket limitations
    5. Click the minimum order setting


  • As an option, you can decide whether to apply the requirement on a per access code basis as instead of once per order. 


  1. Click save.


Note: The minimum order requirement will be enabled to all photo jobs where the price profile is assigned. 




This feature may not be in your GotPhoto account by default. Please contact us if you need it added.

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