How does GotPhoto invoice me and why does my account balance show as negative?



Your account balance is the accumulation of all fees associated with your orders, which includes Hosting (Monthly Plan) Fees and Service fees.

In case we have enabled Stripe Connect (e.g. when you offer Prepay) in your account, we already deduct the service fee from the customer's payment, so in your invoice, we only charge you the monthly hosting fee. 


If you're not sure about the amount that we charge you for your plan you can check it here: Click your username > Your account > Your plan 

If you use our Editing Service, we will also add the fees to your account, after you have confirmed the images.  


You are offering either Stripe or Authorize and maybe also PayPal as payment options, so the total amount your customers spend goes directly to you (see the exception mentioned above when you use Stripe Connect). Since we do not receive the money on your behalf, that number is not added into your account balance. However, since the fees mentioned above come from us, this is factored in and deducted from your balance. Thus, it will show negative as soon as orders are placed.


At the end of every month, GotPhoto will prepare an invoice with all fees accumulated during the month. If any balance remained from a previous invoice (whether positive or negative), that will also carry over into the next invoice.


Your production and shipping fees are directly charged and invoiced by your lab. Under Lab & products, you can find the details on your lab's shipping prices. 


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