What data should I collect from the school to create QR codes?

This depends on whether the school has requested service items such as yearbook photos or student IDs.


No service items requested by the school

If no service items were requested, then at the very least, you should collect the child's first and last name, grade and teacher data. 


Service items requested by the school

If yearbook photos or student IDs were requested by the school, you should collect the child's first, last name, grade, teacher and the child's student ID number (column labelled Identifier in our CSV template). The Student ID number would be required to run student data exports (PSPA or SIMS) which include a .zip with the index photo from each access code (gallery). 



  • When generating QR cards, the PDF will be sorted by GROUP and then by child's LAST NAME. 
  • If possible, you could also include up to 2 x phone numbers and emails for parents per child. For a list of data that you could potentially include, please see the column definitions section from the Uploading Student Data (CSV) article. 
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