Siblings: Pricing Strategies

There are two different methods to handle sibling pricing.

  • Package limitation by access code. 
  • Dedicated siblings price profiles.


Package Limitation by Access Code

As indicated above, each product package includes a number of settings; the most notable with regards to siblings is the "Limit to one access" checkbox. For school photography, the most used access type is one access code per child - in other words, you'll have one QR card (one access code) for each individual on photo day. Having said that, once the photo job is set to selling it's possible that your customers (parents) have multiple QR cards (access codes), one for each one of their children - they can then log into your shop using each one of their access codes to see all of their children's photos.

Product Package with "Limit to one access" checked

If you have a product package with the "Limit to one access" checked, then parents wouldn't be able to mix and match photos from their kids to build a single package - instead the shop would prompt them for which access code they'd like to build a package with.


Product Package with "Limit to one access" unchecked

In sharp contrast, if you don't have the "Limit to one access" setting checked in the product package, then the parent will be able to build a package with photos from two or more access codes.


Parents prefer to mix and match packages with photos from multiple access codes. Photographers prefer to limit a package to a single access code as that translates to more revenue. 

With all this in mind, most of your packages in your price profile can be limited by one access code with the exception of one or two packages that aren't limited to one access code. 

As indicated above, the Simple, Classic and Super Packages are all single pose (One image) and they're each limited to one access code. The Premium package is also limited to one access code but it's a multi pose package. The only package parents can purchase and mix and match between access codes is the Siblings package. 


Dedicated siblings price profile

In some cases, you may need to provide special sibling pricing for all products. In your photo job's photo management tab, you can have multiple albums. As an option, you can assign a dedicated price profile to an album labelled Siblings - and then include all your siblings photos in that specific folder so the customers can benefit from the special pricing. 


To begin, create a new album in the photo management tab of your photo job. 


Once you have created the album, click Album actions in the top right, and then Edit Album settings. 

A new page will appear where you'll be able to assign a dedicated price profile to the album.



Once it's been saved, you'll notice that your new album now has a different price profile assigned to it as indicated in the green label. 

That's it! Anyone who has access codes that are under the Siblings album will then benefit from the Siblings price profile pricing.


  • We recommend duplicating one of your existing price profiles and to adjust for sibling pricing as needed. This can be done from Settings → Price Profiles → Actions. 


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