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If you want to find a specific customer, go to the ‘Customers’ area and search for their First name or Surname in the Search box. Alternatively, you can use the ‘- Filter status -’ dropdown to search for all customers that have either already purchased an order or have yet to purchase an order.


You can manually add a customer by clicking the ‘Add customer’ button on the top right. It is recommended to at least have their name and email before adding them. This way, you can include them in future newsletters. Note: Customers added here are still not attached to a photo job or access code until they sign in to the shop with a code.


The ‘Actions’ button to the right of the customer’s information allows you to view or edit their info. If there are any typos with the name or email, you can quickly fix it by editing it from here, but let’s click ‘View’ to see more information for this specific customer.

There are five sections to know about when viewing the customer’s information. Note that you can also Edit or Delete the customer on the top right.


  1. Here, you will see the customer’s name, email, phone number (if applicable), and language.
  2. Their billing address will appear here. For customers who place multiple orders and select direct shipping, there may be more than one address.
  3. This shows which access codes the customer has used. In the case of siblings or for purchasing across multiple years, customers can have more than one code. If a code appears here but does not belong to the customer, you can delete it by clicking the Delete button on the right.
  4. Orders placed by this customer will appear here. You can see the details of the order by clicking ‘Open’ to the right of the information. If the payment status is ‘Open’, the order will not be processed. It is a good idea to contact customers with open orders to remind them to pay in order to finalize the order.
  5. Any emails from the communication profile or individual newsletters will appear here, along with any notes you create for the customer.
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