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1. Photo Management
In your Photo Job, click on the Photo Management tab.

This is where you will upload your photos. If you are using FTP or EasyUpload to transfer, you can skip the uploading portion of this section.


Since there are no albums in our photo job yet, start by clicking on the ‘Create new album’ button on the top right. Name the album according to the group or class. Your customers will be able to see the album name in the online shop.


Important: The expert setting “Album available for everyone who has access to this job?” will enable all customers for this photo job to access the images in that album. This is only meant for group images that apply to all albums.


*Note: To change/remove the watermark, simply select the desired option under Step 1: Set watermark, as indicated by the yellow box in the image above. If the images were already uploaded, it will automatically regenerate them with the new watermark.


Inside the newly created album, there are two sections to upload the photos: Group and Individuals. Group photos are meant for images such as class photos and are accessible by all access codes within the album.


Click on one of the blue buttons to upload your images.


In the next page, you can either drag and drop the images or click the button to choose them from your computer’s directory. Once all images appear there, click ‘Start upload’ on the top right. Once the upload is done, you will be automatically redirected to the album page where the thumbnails will appear.

 Click "Sort Photos..." under Step 1, this will automatically sort the images correctly, if they are not already in the right place.

QR card images should be read automatically, but sometimes the system will not be able to read the QR code. This tends to happen when the QR code is obstructed, when the card is bent or folded by the person holding it, or if the card is far away and too small in the frame.


As you can see in the next image, one of the QR cards was highlighted automatically, and one was not. If you see that a QR card was not highlighted, you can manually verify it.


To verify QR codes manually, simply click on the thumbnail of the image and then on the preview that appears on the top right, or on the QR code icon below the preview.

Enter the access code from the image into the input box marked ‘Access code(s)’ and click Save.


After all QR cards are highlighted green and have the QR code symbol, make sure that the images are in the correct order (QR Card followed by the student’s images, repeated for every student),  and then click ‘Activate access codes’.


Depending on the number of photos, this may take up to several minutes. Once it’s completed, you will be redirected back to the album, but you do not need to stay on this page during the activation. Now, within the album, you should see each student separated into their unique access codes, like the image below.

If a student appears with the wrong access code, you cannot drag and drop it into another code’s grouping. This is to prevent accidentally mixing up two students into one code. Instead, you will need to click on the thumbnail and then on the ‘Move…’ button below the preview (indicated by the right arrow).

From there, you can then move it to the Group section, or to another activated access code.

If everything looks good, your photo job is now ready to go live! Let’s move on to the Selling tab for the final part of the job creation.

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