Download the Config User Guide - Creating and selling a Photo Job

1. QR Cards
In your Photo Job, click on the QR Cards tab.

The QR Cards section is where you generate and download the QR cards before printing them. In this section, you can change the layout and information presented on the card and even upload your own custom background.


If you want to use the default template and background, no further action is necessary. Confirm the number of cards and coupon data are correct, then simply click ‘Generate QR cards (PDF) now’. Once it has finished generating, you will be able to download and print them.


To make changes, click on ‘Edit QR card layout’ below the preview image on the left. Note: If you already generated the cards and then make changes afterwards, you will need to delete and regenerate them for the changes to take place.

The first step requires you to choose the template. Depending on your account, you may have different options.


The rest of the options require a little more information, so let’s go through them one at a time here:




  • Background image: This is the “look” of the QR card. If you decide to use your own background image, you should choose Blank.
  • Your logo (optional): If you have a logo, you can upload and choose it here.



Advanced Settings


  • Language: If you want the information printed in a different language, you may choose the available ones here.
  • Website URL: If you are using DNS forwarding, you may place your own URL here for customers to see and visit.
  • Output format: Choose if you want one or two cards printed per page. One is good if you are using the appropriate size paper, and two will need to be cut before being used.
  • Stack sorting: If you are printing two cards per page, you can sort them in a way that makes it easy to cut and pile them together.
  • Show barcode: In addition to the QR code, you can also choose to use a barcode. Useful if you have a barcode scanner, for example.


Your own background image: Upload your custom background image as a PDF.

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