Customer Support - Feedback/complaint tickets

  1. Feedback/Complaint Tickets
    Click on Orders → Feedback/Complaints.

If a customer opens a feedback/complaint ticket (such as for incorrect cropping, shipping delays, download link not working, etc.), you can see them in your Orders section under the Feedback/Complaints tab.

Any tickets that require your attention will be marked with the ‘Open’ status, as seen to the left of the number 3 in the image above. If no further action is necessary, the ticket should be marked as ‘Closed’.

 To see the ticket, click on ‘Open the order’ under Actions.

This will take you to the order’s overview page, where you can see the summary, status, images, and products. However, we will focus on the section on the right, as seen in the image below.

Only orders that have had a Feedback/Complaint ticket opened will show this section, otherwise it appears blank. There are three important parts to this section, as indicated by the numbered arrows in the image.


  1. This part tells you the lab the order was sent to, the date the ticket was created, the subject for the complaint, whether the ticket is ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’, and where the ticket is currently assigned (who is required to make the next action). Tickets can be assigned to ‘Photographer’, ‘Lab’, ‘Customer’, or ‘Support’ (GotPhoto).
  2. This part gives the details of the complaint. If any attachments were included, they will also appear here. You can see who commented and when, as well as who can see the details. (If it is not visible, only the “Allocation set to…” line will show.)
  3. To respond to the ticket, you will need to click ‘Edit feedback/complaint’. This will take you to the section below.


There are six parts to this section:


  1. Status: Select the current status of the ticket, either ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’.
  2. Visible to the customer: Check this box if you want the customer to see the details. Keep it unchecked if it’s something private for Lab or Support, for example. If you forward the ticket to the customer, the system will automatically check this for you.
  3. Comment: Enter your response to the ticket here. This field is mandatory.
  4. Selected products: If there are multiple ordered products, you can choose the one(s) that the ticket is referring to.
  5. File(s): You can attach any relevant files here. If you would like to forward existing attachments, click ‘Forward existing file(s)’ and then select the attachment(s) you want to forward along with the ticket.
  6. Choose where the response goes, either:
    1. ‘Leave another comment’ to respond to the current assignee, or…
    2. ‘Forward to ____’ to send the response and assign the ticket to Support/Lab/Customer.



Your clients may ask you to place a complaint for them. If you receive a complaint from a customer about a product ordered from your shop, you should follow these steps:

  1. Find out the reason(s) for the complaint from your customer with as much detail as possible.
  2. Log in to your GotPhoto account, go to orders, and open the customer’s order.
  3. Click the red button that says “Write feedback/complaint”.
  4. Complete the form with all the relevant information and submit.
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