Download the Config User Guide - Creating and selling a Photo Job

1. Selling
In your Photo Job, click on the Selling tab.

The top part of the Selling area deals with the status of your job. From creating the job, applying the deadlines and price profile, uploading the photos, and up to activating the codes, the photo job remains in the ‘Planning’ stage. But now that everything is ready, we can switch it to ‘Selling’ to make it live.


Simply click the green ‘Start selling’ button in the middle of the page, or select it from the dropdown tab on the upper right of the screen (as indicated by the red arrow in the image above). You can switch the status of the job using this dropdown from any page within your Photo Job.


Once it is set to ‘Selling’, any customers that tried to access the photos before and registered their email will be notified that the photos are now available to view and purchase (depending on your communication profile).


Congratulations, you have set up your first photo job!


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