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Download the Config User Guide - Creating and selling a Photo Job

Click on Photo Jobs


The above image is an example of a Photo Jobs page populated with jobs in the various stages. When you first open your account, it will be empty, and so the first step should be to create a new job. You can do so by clicking the blue ‘Create new job’ button at the top right of the page.




Let’s break down each of the sections…

Job name - This is, you guessed it, the name of your photo job. This will also be the public name for your online shop, meaning your customers will be able to see this name. It’s a good idea to name it the name of the school or event and the year, such as “Demo School - 2018”.

Date of shoot - This is the date of the photo shoot, not the date you created the photo job on GotPhoto. This will be important for keeping track of your photo shoots, making them easy to reference and see which ones are upcoming for you to prepare for. It is always a good idea to create Photo Jobs at least a few days before the actual shoot to ensure everything is prepared in advance.

Type - This will be used for statistics purposes; for example, if you want to compare nursery jobs to primary school jobs.

Scroll down a bit to see the Advanced Settings. Click on the blue link to expand it, as seen below. This section is optional but recommended.

People expected - The amount of people you are expecting to photograph. This number will be used to create the appropriate number of QR cards later. It’s best to estimate a higher number in case you end up needing extra QR cards, so for 100 people expected, we recommend printing at least 110 cards.

Search for an organization - This will be the name of the school or organization. Since this is your first job in the system, you will need to create an organization by clicking the link on the right: “Or add a new organization”. The only required field is the name, but it can be helpful to fill in the rest of the fields if you have that information. Again, this information is used for statistical purposes, in addition to providing sales information to the organization if necessary.

Internal job name - This is the private job name. A folder with this name will be created in your directory. If you plan to use FTP or EasyUpload to upload your images, it would be good to name each job something memorable, such as “DemoSchool2018”. It will also be visible on your QR cards.

Prepay - Tick this box if you are planning to do prepay sales with this job. You will have the option of turning prepay on / off later on in the job settings as well. Note, if you don't see this option, you currently don't have Prepay enabled on your account. If you would like to enable it, please contact

Once you’re done, click Save job to proceed.

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