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Here, you can see the price profiles currently associated with your account. You can see how many products are offered in each, how many albums they are currently applied to, and whether they allow photo effects or not. You can click on the name of the profile or on Actions → Edit to edit them, but for now, let’s create one by clicking the blue “Create price profile” button on the top right of the page.


Again, you will be prompted to enter a name before continuing. Name it something easy to remember and differentiate from the others, such as “Preschool Prices” or “Graduation Day” or “Prom Prices”, etc. You should then find yourself on the following screen which shows that there aren’t any products applied to this price profile yet. Let’s go ahead and add one of the packages we created in the previous section by clicking on the blue ‘Add’ button next to ‘Packages’.


This will take you to the following page where you can add the package(s) you created by clicking the green ‘Add’ button. When it is successfully added, the button will change to a red ‘Remove’ button. Click it again to remove the package from your price profile.


You can also see the package details in case you forgot what is included in the pack and edit it if necessary by clicking on the links below the pack’s name.


When you are done, click ‘Back & set prices’ to return to the price profile.


In the above photo, download products have also been added. This process is similar to adding the packages, so simply click on the ‘Add’ button to do so. On this page, there are three sections to take not of:


Section 1

Recommended price (optional) - This is the amount the products would cost if you purchased them separately instead of in the pack. It is crossed out to reflect how it will look in the shop and to prevent accidentally placing the selling price here. (If left at 0, it will not appear in the shop.)


Selling price - The price of the package. If using a recommended price, the selling price should be lower to show your customers how much they are saving by purchasing the pack.


Production - This is how much the package or product costs to produce. If you are using an integrated partner lab, you will see the price, but if you are using your own production, it will appear as 0.


Service fee - The service fee applied to your account based on your plan. This fee is calculated based on the selling price.


Profit - The amount that goes to you after production costs and service fees are factored in.


Section 2

Just like with the packages, we can choose if individual products are available for all photos, individuals only, or groups only. One difference here is that you can set a different price for individual and group single downloads.


Also, the link “Upselling: all photos also as prints” underneath Download All Photos allows you to offer prints for all of the images at a reduced rate for those who purchase the Download All option.


Section 3

The ‘Actions’ button at the top right of the page allows further customization for your price profile. If you are offering photo effects, you can click ‘Manage photo effects’ to turn on/off effects.


When you’re ready, let’s see what it looks like to add individual products to our price profile by navigating back to the price profile and clicking ‘Add’ next to ‘Individual products’.


The very first thing you should do is make sure you are using the correct lab. It is highly recommended to stick to one lab per price profile, so you should choose the same lab you used for the product packages.


Then, you can Add and Remove them the same as the packs and downloads, except now there are different categories you can choose from. You will find them underneath the lab selection and above the products, represented in the photo as ‘Prints’, ‘Fine Art’, and ‘Gifts’.


When you’re done, click ‘Back & set prices’ to apply the prices and image availability just like before. Once again, any changes are automatically saved and immediately reflected in the online shop.


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