One Time Settings - Product Packages

Once a lab has been activated, you’ll be able to build your own product packages. Product packages can be built directly from the Product Package page.

The first step would be to click the blue Create product package button and to provide your package with a name. You'll then find additional Settings directly under the product package title: 

  • Brief description - intended for sales literature
  • Product package image - a graphic shown on the shop for the package.
  • Single pose - All products in the package will be produced with the same photo
  • Limit to one access - If enabled, end customers won’t be able to build packages from multiple access codes (Siblings).



Products can be added by clicking the blue Add products button. After they've been added, quantities for each product in the package can be specified. Lastly, you can designate whether you want a product to be limited to individual portraits (IE → Downloads) or limited to group photos only (IE → panoramic prints) or available to both individual and group photos. 

Download "Config User Guide - Packages and Pricing PDF"

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