One Time Settings - Labs & Products

A print lab needs to be activated in your GotPhoto account prior to creating product packages, setting selling prices and before you can set any job to selling. 

In order to activate a print lab, a Lab Customer ID is required. If you are already registered to any of our integrated labs, then you can use your Lab Customer ID number to enable the lab. Otherwise, you can register with your preferred lab to acquire one. Registration links and additional information are listed under each lab in the Labs & Products page. Once a Lab Customer ID number is acquired, it must be inputted in the Lab Customer ID field, and then the lab can be activated. 

There are important aspects to consider when selecting a lab, such as the supported shipping methods (Direct shipping only, Batch shipping only, both), quality, turnaround time as well as production costs. For more information, please check this lab overview


Direct shipping only labs



Direct shipping and Batch shipping labs

Ark La Tex

Richmond Pro Lab



PCL West

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