Upselling: Additional Poses per Pack

What is the "Upselling: Additional Poses" feature?

This feature gives your customers the opportunity to purchase additional images if they have opted for a "single-pose" economy package. So you can offer a cheap "single poses" package and your customers decide for themselves which other pictures they want to order.

How do I use this function?

Within each of your price profiles, you will find the "upselling options" underneath each product package. In the dropdown, you can choose to sell additional images if the product package has the restriction "single pose". (The option does not appear for packages that already allow customers to choose multiple poses.)




Once selected, you can specify the price at which you would like to offer each additional image.


In the shop, your customers are offered to add more poses to the savings package.




After "Add Pose" has been selected, your customers can add any other photos from the gallery at the specified price per pose. The price of the product package will be updated accordingly.


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