How to print a batch of extra blank QR cards

If you've already generated and printed the QR cards for a specific job,  it may occur that you need to print some additional blank ones.  There's an easy way to do that: 

1. Go to the job's QR Cards tab

2. Under the area where you see the first created batch of QR cards, click "Generate additional QR cards"

GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution__27_.png3. In the pop-up window that opens, enter your required number of QR cards.

GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution__29_.pngThen, the new batch of QR cards will be generated, you can download it after clicking the "Actions" drop-down menu.  You still need more cards? Just hit the "generate additional QR Cards" button a second time and repeat the described steps.



Want to print a large batch of blank QR Cards to have on hand for all of your photo jobs? Now you can! Simply follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

1. In your Photo Job's Settings tab, choose the method "QR-Tagging" and click the link indicated by the red arrow in the image below.


2. On the next page, choose a name for the batch and the number of cards to generate. The name can be something general like "Batch 1" or more specific like "October 2018" if you generate and use many of them often. (Optional: You can also edit the layout by clicking the link "Edit QR card layout")


3. Once the cards have been generated, they will appear at the bottom of the page. Simply select Actions --> Download to download them, or order them as prints from one of our integrated partner labs.

Although QR Cards generated using this method can be used in any future Photo Job you create, they are one-time use only, meaning once the QR code has been activated for one job, it cannot be used again.

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