Contact Sheet Generation

In order to generate contact sheets (proof cards) for your photo job, you must first ensure you have i) uploaded photos and that you've ii) activated access codes. Follow the steps below in order to generate contact sheets:

  • Click photo jobs on the top black bar (Screenshot)
  • Click the photo job you want to generate contact sheets for (Screenshot)
  • Click the Selling tab
  • Under Contact sheets, click "Create contact sheets" (Screenshot)
  • Select the desired template
  • Include your logo
  • Set any of the advanced settings if needed (see below)
  • Click Create (Screenshot)
  • Wait for the contact sheets to generate, once complete you can download from the Actions button (Screenshot)


Important Advanced Settings:

Quality (Normal, Medium, High)

  • We advise Normal. Medium and High qualities may take a long time to generate and timeout. 

Maximum number of photos

  • We advise keeping this to a minimum, for example 2 is sufficient.

Show watermark

  • We always advise using a watermark for contact sheets.

You can also filter out customers who have already purchased


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