Why are the QR codes not automatically detected?

One of the greatest benefits to using QR cards is how they can really simplify and expedite the whole process of separating each individual subject and assigning them their unique access codes. However, you may notice that GotPhoto did not automatically detect some of the cards, making you need to take the time to manually tag them yourself.

This might happen for a few reasons, such as when the QR code is:

  • obstructed in some way (either completely or partially)
  • bent or distorted in some way
  • blurry and not in focus
  • too small in the frame
  • too numerous in group photos (the maximum that can be detected is five at one time)

If GotPhoto did not automatically detect the code, you can assign it manually by clicking on the thumbnail followed by the "Add access code" button (the QR code symbol) underneath the preview image.


Then, simply enter the access code in the input field on the bottom left and click Save on the bottom right.


Repeat this step for each QR card that was not automatically detected.

To help eliminate this process in the future, please make sure that each QR code is prominent in the frame, in focus, and not obstructed or distorted in any way.

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