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Uploading Student Data into a Photo Job

Student data can be uploaded into a job in order to personalize QR cards with subject and Teacher/Grade data. It's also required in order to create student data exports intended for Yearbook photos or Student IDs. 



Upload student data GotPhoto-Sell-photos-the-complete-solution__91_.png

  1. Go to your photo job
  2. Select Access Type "Access code for each person"
  3. Select "QR Tagging - With list of names"
  4. Download our CSV Template   
  5. Open the CSV Template using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Any other spreadsheet software can potentially cause issues, e.g  Apple Numbers.
  6. Copy your data into the appropriate columns of our CSV Template
  7. Save our CSV template with your data as an actual CSV, XLS or XLSX
  8. Upload the file into the photo job by clicking "Upload File" 

 Can I upload my custom roster? And can I also upload the list as an XLS or XLSX file? 

Yes, to both questions. In a second step, you'll be asked to review your data and to match your fields with the fields of the names list. Review_your_data_1_2_GotPhoto_Sell_photos_the_complete_solution.png  

Can I use students' ID as Access codes?

Yes, instead of leaving the Access Code column blank, you can use the students' ID as Access codes. But please keep in mind that you can't use an access code again in another job. If you take pictures at the school every year/ twice a year, you'd need to add a prefix or suffix to the students' ID like 123456Fall20 instead of 123456. 

Column definitions:

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
    • Birthdate for Students, for example, 12/02/1988
  • Identifier
    • intended for Student IDs, for example, ID 12345
  • Group
    • Grade, for example Grade1
  • Teacher
    • Name for (homeroom) teacher, for example, Mr Smith
  • Expires
    • intended for Student IDs, for example, 12/02/2019
  • Street
    • Street name
  • Zip
    • Zip code
  • State 
  • Parent Firstname (1)
  • Parent Lastname (1)
  • Parent Email (1)
  • Parent Phone (1)
  • Parent Firstname (2)
  • Parent Lastname (2)
  • Parent Email (2)
  • Parent Phone (2)
  • Access Code (1) System will automatically create unique access codes for each student, you can also add customized unique access codes. 
  • Access Code (2) Column is only used when re-importing updated exported names list back to the job in case there are siblings. 


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