How can I add my shop to the Google index?

The Google Index is required to display your page as a search result when you enter the search mask directly, e.g. To have your page placed on the index, you need an account with Google.

Go to Settings on the top menu > Domain & Integration on the left-hand menu.


Here, you can check whether your shop is already indexed and you can also submit the URL to Google.Google_Index.png


Your website has already been added to the Google index but you still see that note on the dashboard that you might check your settings?

Unfortunately, only part of the query is proceeded from our end, the other part by Google. That's why we can't guarantee that the query will work correctly in every case - that's exactly why we display the note "may not be in the Google index"  and not "is not in the Google index".
Having said that, if your own page is correctly indexed, you can simply ignore this message. 


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