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Batch Shipping: Frequently Asked Questions

What is batch shipping, and why use it?

Batch shipping allows photographers to hold all orders until a specified batch shipping deadline, when they then get transferred to the lab in a single batch. This allows photographers to offer free shipping as a financial incentive to the customer without taking a hit on the shipping fee for every order. Additionally, some photographers like to add custom frames or packaging to the orders, and since the batch is usually delivered to the photographer, they can easily do this before delivering it to the school. 

How do I enable batch shipping?

If batch shipping isn't listed in step 3) Important Events from the Photo Job Settings page, check in Settings → Sale settings → Shipping settings. Confirm that Batch Shipping is enabled as optional or mandatory, depending on the photographer’s needs. 

Are there any fees associated with batch shipping?

Yes. Photographers are charged the shipping fee directly by the lab. They are not invoiced for this by GotPhoto.

Can I change the address where the batch will be delivered?



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