Test Payment: Verifying Payment Provider Integration

Once your payment provider has been setup, we recommend placing a test payment. The aim is to test the integration in order to ensure your customers are able to pay for their photos.


Step 1. Create a new price profile


Step 2. Assign the new price profile to the demo job in your account

  • Navigate to your photo job (Screenshot)
  • Assign the price profile you had previously created and save your job (Screenshot)


Step 3. Submit a test payment

  • Navigate to your shop as a customer (Screenshot)
  • Use access code TEST from the demo job in your account (Screenshot)
  • Add the download to your cart and follow the steps on the shop checkout


Step 4. Confirm receipt for test payment

  • Navigate to your order to page to verify if your order was placed (Screenshot)
  • Log into your payment provider and verify if you've received the payment


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