How can I create an album that's visible to everyone?

For any job with the access type "Access code for each person", albums are available to each access code created in the job. 

Use case:

You have taken pictures in a nursery with personal access codes. Each parent has access to their personal pictures and group pictures in their albums.

But during the day at the nursery, you have also taken a lot of general pictures, kids playing together in larger groups or similar situations. By using the above option, you can make these pictures available to every parent without the need to upload them to every album separately. Any parent that logs in with their code will also see the pictures uploaded to an album with the general availability setting.

Another advantage of this is that you can assign the general visibility album a different price profile than for the personal pictures. 

How to:

  • In Photo Management, select "Create new album"
  • Click on "Advanced settings" and check the box in front of "Album available for everyone who has access to this job?"
  • Create the album



  • Albums of this type will not show an individual photo section
  • Access to these albums can no longer be restricted further at a later time
  • For FTP upload: A folder with the name "group" needs to be created and the photos uploaded into it. If the folder is not created, the pictures will not be moved to the correct location and cannot be viewed by customers
  • Lightroom Export does not allow upload into these folders
  • We recommend uploading pictures for this album directly on the website
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