How do I set up a communication profile?

The above video explains how to select and view the communication profiles from within your Photo Job. For information on creating or editing them, please go through the following steps.

Communication profiles can be found under Settings (top menu) ->  Communication profiles (left-hand menu): Communication Profiles

In order to create a new profile:

1. Click Create profile in the upper right corner.

2. Assign a name. This can either be job-specific or you can create a "general" profile (e.g. for all Senior jobs).

3. On the top right, click Add notification



4. Select a trigger, e.g. "After a job is set to Selling"

5. Select the day when the notification should be sent out, e.g. "Immediately".

6. Choose the group of recipients of the notification, e.g. "Send to customers with photos available" ->  If you upload individual pictures only gradually, the customers whose pictures are not yet uploaded will not yet be informed.

7. Select format (Email or SMS)

8. Create a customized notification, or use a template (select on the right). For your own messages, use the placeholders to make the creation easier and keep it more personal. If you create a profile with SMS-notifications, be aware not to exceed the maximal amount of characters (150). 

In case you'd like to add a custom text (e.g. some information about your other areas of photography or info on shipping or pick-up instructions) to your notifications, please check this article.  Save the Settings are done!

You can create as many notifications as you like. But, keep in mind that you don't want to bother your customers with too many notifications. We recommend 6 to 7 notifications, depending on the type and events of the job. 



Is it possible to combine SMS and emails within a price profile? 

Yes, you can also set up an SMS notification and an Email notification for the same trigger. Once again, make sure not to overwhelm your customers with too many notifications. 

SMS- format:SMS.png



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