Issuing Customer Refunds

Customers sometimes make mistakes and ask you to delete an order they already paid for so that they can place a new order. To cancel a paid order, you need to contact GotPhoto support so that they can cancel it for you.

If you accept, the customer should be refunded. The final decision lies with you.

Customer payment via Stripe:

Here are the steps to complete reimbursement via Stripe:

  1. Open the order details in the “Orders” section of your GotPhoto account and look for the Order Key.
  2. Connect yourself to your Stripe account:
  3. Copy the Order Key in the search bar on the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the transaction that appears and double check if it is the charge you’re looking for.
  5. Click on “Refund” to reimburse the customer and choose a full or partial refund.


The refund will be credited to the customers account within 5 to 10 working days.


Customer payment via PayPal:

You can issue a full or partial refund up to 180 days after you receive a payment as long as its status is "Completed," "Pending," or "Cleared."

Here's how to refund a payment:

  1. Click "Activity" near the top of your PayPal account page.
  2. Click the payment you want to refund.
  3. Click Refund this payment.
  4. For "Refund amount," enter the amount you want to refund, (you may have the option to refund a partial amount of the payment)  and then click Continue.
  5. Review your information to make sure you entered the correct refund amount, and then click Issue Refund.


Customer payment via PayPal (GotPhoto):

If you are using the default PayPal included with your account, you will need to get in touch with support by emailing Please provide us with the Order Number or Order Key when asking for the refund.

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