How can I cancel or pause my account at GotPhoto?


You can switch your plan here (Your Account > Your Plan > Change Plan). 

In order to switch to the Free Plan, please make sure that the storage space you occupy does not exceed 5 GB. You can check how much space you're currently using at the bottom left of your Dashboard here

If the occupied storage space is too high, the system will indicate this to you and you will need to delete data from your account first.

This can be accomplished by deleting images (or albums, if there are many) from your Photo Jobs. We wouldn't recommend deleting the Photo Jobs themselves as they contain statistics that may be useful later on.

If you are having trouble changing plans after clearing storage space below 5 GB, please let us know so that we can assist you. 

You can cancel your account by email or submitting a request via the button at the top of the page. Your account will be cancelled once your subscription expires.

We don't like losing you as a customer, so we would appreciate it if you could let us know why you’re leaving us. For us, this feedback is our utmost priority. Your feedback tells us where we can improve in the future, whether it’s the system itself or the service we provide. 

A deleted account cannot be restored. If you only want to pause your photographic activity for an indefinite period, we recommend switching to the Free plan, which does not incur any running costs.




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