How can I customize my website?

To start with, it is of course important to know where to find your website administration. It is located under "Settings --> Pages & Menu".

Here you will find a list of all your currently created pages, both published to the public and not yet published pages. Each entry here corresponds to a menu point on your website, if the entry has been published. Not published pages may still be edited and changed.

The page order on your website is reflected here as well. The top entry is shown as the leftmost entry in your shop. To change the order, simply click on the arrow symbol to the left of each page, then drag and drop it to the desired location. Dragging a page on top of another page will create a sub page of the dragged entry.

To distinguish between changing the order of the pages or creating sub pages, the area where you will drop the dragged page is highlighted blue.

Every page has different editing options, which are displayed after clicking either on the page name in blue on the left, or on "Edit" on the right. The types of pages available are:

  • Album / Collection of albums
  • Text page with photos
  • Slideshow with text
  • Link to external page
  • Contact form and Google Maps
  • Public jobs

To create a new page, simply click on "Create new page / new menu item" on the top right. Each page contains some information on what the particular type is best used for.

Above the pages & menu part, you will find a few more tabs:

  • Imprint
  • Terms
  • Privacy
  • Header & Footer
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