Is moving multiple pictures to a different album possible?

Yes, this is possible. To move multiple pictures, first go to photo management and open the album containing the pictures.

Now, select the pictures to be moved, either by clicking on them one by one while pressing CTRL, or by drawing a frame around the pictures. Pictures currently selected are highlighted with a blue frame.

On the top right you then see a counter showing the amount of selected photos. Below this are multiple action options shown. Select the "Move..." option, indicated by the arrow symbol.

A new menu will open, allowing you to select the album to which the pictures should be moved. In this menu, it is also possible to move pictures between access codes in the same album.

Please note:

To move pictures to a different code in another album, you first have to move the pictures to the new album and afterwards move them again within that new album. Only then will you be able to select the code located in the target album.

It is not possible to move photos between jobs. Only moving between albums within the same job and between codes in the same album is possible.

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