Managing Customer Complaints


Complaints are filed for a variety of reasons: delayed shipment, picture quality, change of address, etc.

In this guide, we’ll go over what a customer sees and how you, as the photographer, can see and respond to their complaints.

First, let’s see how a customer files a complaint to understand where they are coming from.



When the customer is logged into their account, they can file a complaint from the order status page by clicking ‘Report feedback/complaint’. This leads them to the following screen:




Here, they have to fill out the four marked fields:

  1. They select which product(s) the complaint is about.
  2. They select the reason(s) for the complaint.
  3. If they have any attachments (e.g., photo of damaged product), they can attach it here.
  4. They must fill out a comment to explain the exact details of the complaint.

Once they click Send, the complaint will show up in their order status page. The following screenshot shows you what it looks like for the customer, complete with the answer we’re going to show from the photographer’s perspective shortly. Once the complaint has been answered, it can be marked Closed as seen here. Before that, it would show as Open.




Now let’s see it from the perspective of the photographer so we know how to properly answer each complaint. First, you need to know where to find them.



In your account, simply follow these three steps to open a complaint:

  1. Click ‘Orders’ at the top of the page.
  2. Click the ‘Feedback/Complaints’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Open the order’ to see the applicable complaint.




Once you’re inside the order overview page, you will see the complaint on the right side of the page. To respond to it, click ‘Edit feedback/complaint’ below the complaint. This will bring up the following screen:




Here, there are five things to consider:

  1. The status of the complaint. Here is where you can mark it as Closed if it has been sufficiently answered.
  2. If you are replying to Support or to the Lab, the customer cannot see the response by default. If you check this box, the response will be visible to the customer.
  3. Type your reply into the Comment field here.
  4. This shows you which products the complaint was about. If you have any attachments you would like to share, you can attach them by clicking ‘Select file(s)’, but this is optional.
  5. Click if you want to reply to the previous sender or forward it to someone else. If you’re unsure where Reply will go, you can hover the mouse over the button to get more information.

Once you have sent your response, it will be immediately available for everyone that has viewing privileges.



Your clients may ask you to place a complaint for them. If you receive a complaint from a customer about a product ordered from your shop, you should follow these steps:

  1. Find out the reason(s) for the complaint from your customer with as much detail as possible.
  2. Log in to your GotPhoto account, go to orders, and open the customer’s order.
  3. Click the red button that says “Write feedback/complaint”.
  4. Complete the form with all the relevant information and submit.
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