Resort photos based on Student Data (CSV)

Gotphoto allows you to sort your photos by Teacher or Grade as long as you have uploaded student data into your photo job via the "QR-tagging - with list of names" access type.

1. In the tab “Photo management”, upload your photos into a single album and then click on the “Activate access codes” once you’ve uploaded the photos into the system.

2. Tick the box “Resort photos based on name list”. Choose the scheme you want for creating folders in your gallery (sort by group, by teacher or both) and click "Activate access codes now".

3. New albums will be created for each group or teacher from the name list. The access codes and photos from this album are then moved to the newly created albums. Please note this process may take a few minutes.


  • Your initial album will be empty and can therefore be deleted.
  • Group photos will have to be manually moved into the correct albums afterwards.
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