Paying Your GotPhoto Balance

Your GotPhoto fees are billed monthly in arrears. For your segmented monthly invoices, you can view your invoices by following the steps below:

You can then proceed to download your invoices in either PDF or CSV formats. 

Please Note: The balance which appears on the dashboard may be larger than your most recent invoice - Why? Because this is your up-to-the-day rolling balance. 

Direct Debit Payment:

In order to ensure you're making payments to GotPhoto, it's important to include your credit card number in the system. You can add or manage your cards in the Credit Card Page  →

Credit cards will be charged on the first of every month for your previous month's invoice. 
Manually paying your Invoice: 

You can manually use the 'Add credit’ option to pay all or part of your balance in your GotPhoto account:
You can also pay your invoices via Bank Transfer or PayPal. You will find the details on the final page of any invoice. 
Problems paying your invoice?
If it is your first time paying us by card and the payment is not going through, this may be due to some security restrictions from your card provider. 
Please contact your bank/card provider and see if they can mark GotPhoto as a 'safe payee'. The failed charge will appear at your bank as a charge from ‘Fotografen online services'.
This will then normally allow the direct debit from your card to be charged at the next billing period.
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