What is EasyUpload?

EasyUpload was developed by GotPhoto to easily and securely upload photos to your photo jobs. The uploader is available for both Windows and Mac. To use EasyUpload, go to the Settings tab and select Photo Upload under the Photo Handling header. You will find here all uploading tools such as FTP, web upload and Lightroom Plugin. Click on more under the EasyUpload image and click download for Windows or Mac OS.




How does it work?

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Login with your gotphoto.co.uk or gotphoto.com user 
  3. Select a job or sub album
  4. Drag your files or folders to create an upload queue
  5. Start the upload



How does it compare to other ways of uploading photos?

  • Compared to the web upload, you can select entire folder structures to create sub albums and categories – individuals and group photos.
  • Compared to FTP upload, the connection is encrypted and secure


What are the benefits?

  • Available for MacOS and Windows
  • Secure, encrypted connection with SSL
  • Queue as many photos to any job in your account
  • User restriction to assigned jobs only
  • Re-connect after connection error
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