Deleting jobs vs deleting albums

To make storage space available, uploaded files need to be deleted. There are two ways to do this: Deletion of whole jobs or deletion of albums.

Job deletion:

Should you want to delete a job completely, open the job. On the job settings page is a dropdown field called "Actions" on the top right. Click on this and select "Delete this job".Delete_Job_EN.gif


- A deleted job cannot be restored in any way.

- Deleting a job also deletes all statistics associated with this job entirely. We recommend deletion of albums to prevent this.

Album deletion:

To delete albums from within a job, open the job and click on "Photo management". On the far right next to each album a dropdown called "Album actions" is shown. Click here and select "Delete album".


Another window will open, asking for deletion confirmation.

If you confirm deletion the album is moved to the trash bin, where it will be automatically deleted after 7 days. It is possible to make the space available earlier, by manually emptying the trash. From within the trash bin, you can also recover albums that were unintentionally deleted. More information on this is available here:

Recovering a deleted album

You want to delete several jobs /albums in bulk? 

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