Can I use the communication profile or a newsletter in a job with a single access code?

Yes you can!

Even if you set the job to one access code, if you have a names list with parent information, you will be able to use the email marketing in your job.

There is an easy way to accomplish that.

First apply these steps:

  1. Set job first to QR Tagging with list of names, upload and import the names list. You can find more information on the names list upload here:  Uploading Student Data into a Photo Job
  2. Switch the job to one access code

Now, you have two options, Option 1 is initially more tedious, you can use the communication profile. However, if you want to send multiple reminders, it's automated once you've set up your notifications.

Option 2, sending a newsletter, is initially faster, but you would need to manually create additional newsletters if you want to remind customers to order photos.

Option 1

  • Create a new communication profile, name it based on the job where you want to use the profile
  • Add a notification and select the customer group "customers with no photos available yet". The same applies for any additional notifications that you will add to this profile.
  • Instead of the personal login button, add the quick login link for the single access code that you set up in the job. Here's how you can find it: Search for the code that you created in the job with the little magnifying glass on the top of your dashboard. You will find the quick login link under the details of the access code overview page.
  • Please be aware that you would need to change the direct login link for all notifications in case you plan to use this profile also in other jobs


Sample email that your customer will receive:  

Option 2

Create a newsletter, select the customer group with no photos available yet- In the email or SMS field, also add the quick login link for the job's access code. Here you can find further information on sending Newsletters:  How to Send Email Campaigns.

Sample communication profile notification, the same settings apply for a manual newsletter:


Sample customer email: 



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