Upselling: Product Packages as Mandatory Purchases

What is the function "Purchase of a pack is mandatory"?

With this function, you can prevent your customers from only purchasing individual products (a la carte). This is helpful if you want to offer cheap individual products or to achieve a minimum shopping cart value for each order.

Please note that this setting may result in fewer sales because customers may feel patronized.

How do I use the function?

Within each Price Profile in your Settings, you will find the option under "Actions –> Settings". This needs to be applied for each price profile; it is not a universal setting. (Useful if you only want to use it for certain jobs and not others.)




Once activated, the shop will show a lock with a small note for all orders that use the price profile.




Adding individual products to the cart will not be possible if there is not at least one product package in the cart first.




Once a package has been added to the cart, the hints and restrictions will disappear.


  • In order to increase your avg. basket size, be sure to include a wide variety of a la carte items. 
  • Price your a la carte items lower than when you would have if you weren't using the package unlocking feature. Using the feature would make your a la carte items behave more like Add ons, and as such they should be priced more competitively. 
  • Avoid selling packages that are priced similarly, be sure to provide a wide range of prices for your packages from low to high. 
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