How can I enable package unlocking?

As a photographer, you have the option to enable the package unlocking feature which will limit your customers from checking out on your shop unless they have a package added to their shopping cart. 

In order to use this feature, navigate to your primary price profile and click Actions → Settings, you should then select "Purchase of the pack is mandatory" and then click Save. If you don't see this option, please contact technical support. 



  • In order to increase your avg. basket size, be sure to include a wide variety of a la carte items. 
  • Price your a la carte items lower than when you would have if you weren't using the package unlocking feature. Using the feature would make your a la carte items behave more like Add ons, and as such they should be priced more competitively. 
  • Avoid selling packages that are priced similarly, be sure to provide a wide range of prices for your packages from low to high. 
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