How can I upsell downloads with packages?

In order to use the feature to upsell additional downloads, navigate to your price profile. Once you're on your price profile, you'll find a dropdown box labelled 'Options' next to each package:


Click the 'Options' box for the package you would like to add upselling downloads to. A dropdown menu will appear directly under the selected pack. Select the desired upselling download option from this dropdown menu. The final step would be to provide a selling price for the desired upselling download option in the green box on the right.


Options include:

  • No additional downloads - Turns off the upselling feature, but keeps the setting in case you want to easily reactivate it later. (The 'x' on the right has the same effect but deletes the setting.)
  • All photos ordered in this package - Includes only the images that were selected as part of the package.
  • All photos available for the selected code - Includes all photos for the access code, whether they were selected as part of the package or not.
  • All individual photos available for the selected code - Same as above, but limited to Individual photos only (no group photos).
  • All available individual photos - Similar to the above, but can be used for packages that allow mixing of more than one code.
  • All available photos (individuals and group photos) - All photos for the codes used in the package. Similar to Download All (including group photos).

Repeat the process for all packages for which you wish to use the 'upsell downloads' feature. After you have completed setting your upselling prices, your customers will have the option to add downloads to the pack for an extra price. 


  • Set the price for downloads less than your Download All package.
  • Provide greater cost savings for downloads on your more expensive packages.
  • Include a note about the download option in your communication profile(s). 





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