Can I manually place an order for a customer?

Yes, you can. In the event that you take preorders or use proof cards for offline ordering, you can enter this information directly into the GotPhoto system so that they can be fulfilled just like online orders.

First, to access the feature, go to Orders → Order Entry, where you should see the following page:
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From this page, you can create a new order, review/delete orders, and view recently processed orders. Note that this page refers to the orders as preorders, but you can also use it for offline orders from proof cards.

When you first access this page, it will be empty, so the first thing we will need to do is click the blue “Start entering Preorders” button on the top right, which will then take you to this page:


For the purposes of this guide, we will only cover the “Direct shipping orders” and “Batch shipping orders” sections. Since personal orders do not create a customer invoice, it is not recommended to use this feature for offline customer orders.

Let’s start with “Direct shipping orders”.

Direct Shipping Orders

Step 1: Click “Start entering…” in the “Direct shipping orders” section.


Step 2: Enter the customer’s access code.

Step 3: Next to the ordered image, choose the product and quantity. If you hover over the selection area, two more options should appear: “Delete” and “Cropping”. Repeat this step for each ordered image and product. If you need two products from the same image, simply select the other product from the dropdown and both should now appear. *Note: Packages are limited to one image.

Step 4: Enter the customer’s information on the right, under the Summary area. For direct shipping orders, an address is necessary.

Step 5: Scroll down and click “Save and continue”.

Step 6: Repeat for each Direct Shipping order.

Step 7: Return to the Order Entry page. You should now see an order in the overview. Click “Review and create orders”.


*If you see the notice outlined in red in the image above, it means you need to transfer credit into your account or link your bank account to GotPhoto in order to cover the production/shipping costs and any applicable service fees.

Step 8: If everything looks correct, click “Place order(s) now...”

Batch Shipping Orders

The process for batch shipping is mostly the same, with the exception of the delivery information. The customer’s address is no longer necessary, since the entire batch will be delivered to the same location.

If you uploaded a names list when creating the photo job, you will see the information already included for the name and class. Otherwise, you can enter the data yourself manually at this point.


When you’re finished entering all of the batch shipping orders, simply follow steps 7 and 8 above, just like with direct shipping.

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