Why are changes to my online shop not being displayed?

Changes are always applied directly after saving. However sometimes, depending on the browser,  the browser cache stores information (for example, the layout of a page). It does this as it is trying to be “intelligent” and uses the stored information to load the pages faster.

The disadvantage of the browser cache is that it may load an older version of your page instead of the new one, particularly if it is a page you visit a lot.

How to delete the browser cache:

You can simply do this by pressing a combination of keys. Go to the website you would like to reload and, depending on the operating system that you use, press the following key combination:

In Windows: "Ctrl + F5"

For Mac: "Cmd + Shift + R"

Reloading the page using this method also clears the cache, so you should now be able to see the changes to your website.  

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