54 % increased revenue with effective watermarks!

We have run several trials to determine the impact of watermark intensity on sales.

For our core markets, school and nursery photography, as well as event photography, the average results were:

  • 54 percent more sales: Albums with a strong watermark resulted in 54 percent increased sales compared to albums without watermark protection
  • 26 percent more sales: Albums with our strong watermark resulted in 26 percent more sales compared to albums with a light, centralised watermark

The watermark used in our test is available to you under the name Standard (recommended) . Below you can see a preview:


We included a copyright notification as well as information regarding the watermark removal after purchase. Both are clearly visible but do not interfere with the picture too much. By placing the watermark on a white background with dark font colour, it remains visible on both lighter and darker backgrounds.

Template editing

Should you desire to create your own watermark, you can of course do so. Simply click on "Download template" from the area in the screenshot below to download our watermark template PSD file.

When editing the watermark you could for example put in your logo or the website of your shop. After all desired changes have been made, please save the file in PNG format.

To upload your own watermark for use in photo jobs, go to our Watermark admin page and click "+ Add new watermark". The recommended settings here are:

  1. Select your created PNG file as logo
  2. Leave the text field empty
  3. Size in percent: 51
  4. Position: Tiled
  5. Opacity: depends on personal preference, usually between 35 and 55 percent
  6. Background: no background


How to use your new watermark for your jobs

All created and saved watermarks are available for any job. Simply go to the photo management page in a job and select the desired watermark from the dropdown menu in the top left area.

Please note that after changing the watermark, the preview pictures in your photo job are regenerated. Depending on the amount of available pictures, this process may take up to 15 minutes until completion. During this time, the pictures will be displayed with a loading icon in their albums (but remain the same in the shop until the change is completed).

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