What is meant by Potential Buyers?

Potential buyers are the people who have access to your shop and are interested in buying your photos. If you get their contact details, you’ll be able to notify them of any events happening in your shop. For example, you can let them know when the photos are available to buy, when their voucher is about to expire or when the job is set to be archived.

You can inform your potential buyers of these events by email or SMS and they can be sent automatically through communication profiles

Potential buyers can only access the photos and order them if you set the job status to selling. When all your photos have been uploaded and you are ready for them to be viewed and sold, you can set the job status to selling which can be found at the top right of the photo jobs page.

How do I get contact details of potential buyers?

There are multiple ways to gain potential buyers and obtain their names, email addresses and phone numbers.

If your event status is set to planned then everyone who visits the page can fill out the form to be notified when the photos are ready to be viewed and ordered. Everyone who fills out this form is a potential buyer.  

Depending on the options you have selected, you can obtain more contact information when your event status is set to selling. Have a look at the advanced job settings here. If you have chosen for it to be required or optional to fill out the form, everyone who visits the site will get a pop-up asking to supply their contact information so that you can contact them further.   

You can find the number of potential buyers you have on a certain job on the sales promotion tab in the photo job.

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